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"I've completed a number of courses with Tim including Diesel engine maintenance, PowerBoat 2, VHF and Sea Survival.

Tim is an excellent communicator and instructor across both practical and theory based courses and has an incredible knowledge of all things maritime.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend joining one of Tim's classes to either gain new, or brush up on old skills across sailing or powerboating."

Lee Whittington - Isle of Wight

Wow! This is the second time I write to you regarding some great customer feedback on some of your work, delivered to the RYA website. I really like receiving these, keep up the good work. Hope the season starts well.
Message: I have just returned from the Isle of Wight where I am overjoyed to say I passed my advanced power boat exam in the foulest of Solent weather (Wed Thu Fri Sat of last week)
I would like to point out that had I not completed a three day "work up" (with Mr Tim Griffin of Griffin Marine IOW.) there is no was I would have passed the exam. At the age of 52 I suppose I am classed as a mature student. Tim was patient, extremely knowledgeable,  professional, organised and thorough in his approach. We did almost 2 whole days in the classroom going over the theory work, a night nav exercise followed by a whole day on the water. He prepared me totally for the exam and went through the entire syllabus. I can't thank him enough and would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my  work colleagues who may want to take the exam
Nice work!

Rachel Andrews - Chief Instructor Motor Cruising and Power - Royal Yachting Association

Course: Powerboat level 2
Lee Argyle
County: Isle of Wight
Country: UK
Rating: excellent
Best Part: All very good, thorough and well laid out powerboat course. Any weak areas we had, extra time was spent getting them right, highly recommended and very professional training.
Improvement: None
Recommend: yes

Course: Power Boat Instructors
Ruhadri Plummer
County: Hampshire
Country: UK
Rating: good
Best Part: The refreshing of teaching methods and techniques was particularly useful.
Improvement: N/A
Recommend: yes

As there are no RYA certified schools for the 200 ton Yacht Master Power course in Sweden, my RYA YM sail examiner suggested I went to the UK to take my Power exam. He gave me a sample of certified schools in the UK and I choose Griffin Marine Services in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Griffin Marine had all that was required and even a selection of power vessels with different propulsion alternatives to choose from. Mr. Griffin customized the class to match my boating experience and training needs which led to a smooth and successful examination at the end of the training course. I found Mr. Griffin to be a very professional and dedicated trainer with a no-nonsense but jovial and encouraging manner. Everything was well planned, on-time and to the point.

As a foreigner, room and board is also an important factor. The village of Cowes had plenty to choose from within short walking distance from Griffin Marine. Getting there from Sweden was easy and very affordable with a low fare flight to Gatwick, a superb train service to Southampton and a choice of ferries across to Cowes, all with easy and friendly transitions. Although my visit to Cowes was strictly business, I couldn’t miss the charm Cowes has with an abundance of eateries, shops and lovely areas to stroll.
Regardless if your purpose is strictly business or with extra time for leisure, I can wholeheartedly recommend Griffin Marine Services on the Isle of Wight for your RYA training and certification requirements  – a “one stop shop” for all your needs and preferences.
 Sven Wodfeldt
Swedish captain on a 100 ft. pleasure craft

Course: Powerboat Level 2
Vanessa and Daniel Chapman

County: Hampshire
Country: UK
Rating: excellent
Best Part: Patience of instructor and amount of practical time on the water.
Improvement: For us, the course could not be improved. Thank you.
Recommend: yes

Course: Powerboat Certificate level 2
Steve Gates
County: Buckinghamshire
Country: UK
Rating: excellent
Best Part: Practical application with constant feedback and encouragement. Manoeuvres and basic navigation.
Recommend: yes

Course: Power Boat Training Level 2 & Intermediate
Samanth Jefferies

County: East Sussex

Country: UK

Rating: excellent

Best Part: Personalised Tuition and understanding of dyslexia and dyscalculia (numbers) not making me too conscious of it. Positive learning at all times led to a great deal of information and new information being learned and processed by myself in a short space of time. Non judgemental attitude was first class, my brain was stressed due to cognitive load and information processing in executive functioning area of frontal lobe, instructor was aware and lowered any anxieties, any overload and stress to enable effective learning. Visual map aids were good. One to one attention and working with the learner styles of learning. Lots of practical experience was great together with prompts. Handbook and log book to keep and record continuing professional development good.

Improvement: Handouts please to lower stress in executive functioning and short term memory issues. Having cards more available to show when being asked questions about colours and cardinal markers to ease language issues and enable increased visual learning. Laminated sheet with symbols on also.....being really picky...but I could have brought the handbook in! Also photos as a visual reminder, obviously during safe periods! . A great deal more could and should be included in the rya handbook about weather (keeps all information in one place for reference).
Recommend: yes

Course: Intermediate Powerboat
Tim Apps
County: Eastbourse
Country: UK
Rating: excellent
Best Part: Coming away with more confidence on the boat whilst having found areas that I need to improve on. The ability to do as many port and river entries in the time that we had is definitely a plus. I also enjoyed the "banter" and general atmosphere that we did the course in.

Improvement: I don't feel that you can- I had a great time. I hope to return for Advanced Powerboat and shall also contact you for the on-line PPR course.
Many Thanks, Tim
Recommend: yes

PBI Instructor Course
Sam Graviou
Hi Tim,

Many thanks for the PBI course, it was extremely enjoyable and I learnt a lot .

PWC Instructor Course
Stephen Thatcher
County Sussex
Country UK
Great course Tim learnt a few new things as well looking forward to teaching my first one.
Thanks for all the help and guidance throughout

Course: Radar
Mark Bowren
County : Oxford
Country :UK
Rating : Excellent
Feel confident in poor visibility and did not know how useful Radar could be as an aid to navigation
Great course and made it fun.
Recommend : Absolutely

From the YBW Forum

O'Garyo RYA Advanced Course
I've just spent a weekend being trained by Tim Griffin on Roy's (Spottydog) 9m RIB. A thoroughly enjoyable and gratifying experience that will benefit my future boating experiences greatly.
A well deserved plug: If you're in need of training by a guy who really knows his stuff and importantly, knows how to get it across to the person undertaking the training, then you wouldn't go far wrong in giving Tim a call
Roy, Howard (Zippy) and Tim (timgriffin), thanks for the laughs. Just purchased 2 sets of duoprops for Bizzy Bee so see you on the water soon

Roy Spotty Dog
Thanks Tim, for a great course, I have to say you ran it in a most professional manner, I knew you were not going to give us an easy ride but none of us expected the level of revision work required, I guess that became apparent when you started sending us our home work. Thank god you did, otherwise we would not have been up to standard.
I have been boating for a many years, done a fair few courses, but I don't remember taking so much from a learning experience and having a good laugh along the way.
As Gary said teaching isn't about what the instructor knows, but how they have an empathy for their students and their capacity to receive that knowledge, Tim you have that talent.

Andy Bav
+1 for (Tim) Griffinmarine. Didn't do PB 2 with him as we already had that, but hired him for a day for own boat tuition on Gemini, and his style and approach was spot on for us. Had so much more confidence after being with him. Thinking of doing Day Skipper with him as well.

From the RibNet Forums

Griffin Marine (Tim Griffin)

Just a quick message of thanks to Tim Griffin at Griffin Marine.
I have just done my Advance Powerboat course with him (weekend just gone).
The course was very well presented and Tim has a great ability to impart his knowledge on students in a range of ways to ensure the most benefit.
Two very long and tiring days (mentally and physically) but well worth it and very pleased to have done it.
For anyone considering any courses, give Tim a call.


Seconded ! Happy to recommend Tim to anyone looking to "up "their training .
Bern Hanreck
Kawasaki Seawake Training


Thirded, did mine with yer man a few years back, it was great and helped a year later when I did my advanced instructor course.
Best Course I have ever been on
Except the ones we run of course!!
Jerk of all Tades
Master of none!


Highly Recommend Griffin Marine. Top Instructor,makes learning enjoyable.
Low Flyer


A very knowledgeable chap, with a 'relaxed'attitude.
Also recommend.


Its not what you know, its how you tell it !
However this guys knows a lot too....
Thanks for great course Tim, and a good craic.


Definitely highly recommended from us too!!
Myself, my wife and a friend did our PBL2 last year with Tim. Had a fantastic, enjoyable weekend and learnt a whole load of things that have proved to be really useful.
Getting the PBL2 also meant that we could get our ICC Certificates which meant that we could hire a RIB with a decent sized engine on our recent holiday to Tenerife.



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